The HEV685W also comes with two wide, narrow tanks, instead of one. It’s normal for the filter to turn brown or slimy as the mineral deposits build up, and you can extend the life of the filter by flipping it top to bottom every time you refill the tank or rinse out the base. These models include other digital features that make them look high-tech and appealing, but they’re not always perfect. However, the Levoit Classic 200’s 4-liter tank actually has a slightly larger capacity than that of the HCM-350, and the surprisingly large fill hole makes it easy to clean. Tim Heffernan is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter and a former writer-editor for The Atlantic, Esquire, and others. When the weather starts to cool down, the humidity levels decrease and bring all the winter woes with it. Its pleasant blue indicator light and stylish black tower base help it blend in with almost any room. In summary, our take is that air washers and humidifiers can remove some larger particles (0.5 to 20 microns) like pollen and dust mites, but not nearly as well as a dedicated air purifier. And in our tests, the LW25 consistently ranked high in humidification performance. However, the best humidifiers, like the Levoit LV600HH, still offer the option of warm mist if you want it, and you only get cool mist with this model. The vent gets very hot during operation and points toward the back, so you can’t put the machine close to a wall. Available in white and black. A mist dial allows you to fine-tune the level of mist output to meet your needs. Caring for a humidifier isn’t just about keeping the air smelling fresh, or even about general home cleanliness. Contact a professional … This is how it should be, yet the HCM-350 stands in stark contrast to many humidifier models we’ve looked at that contain electronics in the base and require you to clean them by hand. Here are the best Cyber Monday deals on our favorite Apple gear. By the two-hour mark in our tests, this model raised the room’s moisture level more than nearly every competitor—almost too much. The HEV685W still measures below conversation level on medium, although it gets a little louder when it runs on high. Regardless of which type of humidifier you have, you must clean it regularly to prevent funky stuff from growing in the reservoir and other parts of your machine. In a design quirk common to evaporative humidifiers, the bottom tray of the HCM-350 doesn’t physically attach to the upper housing, where the fan and tank are located; the latter just rests on the former. Visit our corporate site. Together, however, they will conspire to tempt you into carrying the entire humidifier by the handle, which will almost certainly snap off, leaving you with nothing but a wet pile of jagged plastic shards on your floor. We have one other complaint. Photo: Michael Hession, The Honeywell HCM-350’s tank sits upright, letting you do other things while it’s filling up at the tap. Video: Michael Hession, Like the Honeywell HCM-350, the Levoit LV600HH has a sit-flat tank that lets you do other tasks while it’s filling. You can easily adjust the settings even in the dark, which is handy if, as is common, you plan to use a humidifier in the bedroom. But if you have a larger space and you don’t want to have to refill a humidifier as often, the HEV685W works. This model will likely outlast its three-year warranty—which is already generous compared with most models’ one-year warranties—and none of our staffers have had any problems with it. Dishwasher safe parts and large, easy to clean surfaces. That said, we don’t consider a humidistat necessary on every humidifier—evaporative models, like the Honeywell HCM-350, naturally stabilize the humidity at a comfortable level. It’s easier to open and close than typical caps (such as the Levoit LV600HH cap, right), whose smooth edges are slippery when wet. The Honeywell HCM-350 is an ultra-quiet humidifier that provides soothing and clean moisture through its safe and cool mist. The aim was to measure the humidifiers’ performance under everyday conditions, when the medium setting would be adequate, as well as under challenging conditions, such as during a bout of exceptionally cold, dry winter air, when humidification needs are highest. With a 6-liter/1.5-gallon tank, the LV600HH can go for more than 24 hours between refills, which means fewer trips to the sink. Water tank: 1.1gal In most of the US, this is primarily a winter problem, especially in homes with forced-air heating systems, which can drive indoor humidity down to desert-like conditions. Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Humidifier, HCM-710,White. That makes this model far nicer to use in a bedroom or a nursery than the other machines we’ve tried that have screens that are always on. If the Honeywell isn’t available, the Vornado EV100 is a reliable alternative. But we’ve found huge differences in ergonomics, ease of cleaning and filling, quality of construction, and user interface.