Which bring us to Damien v Arrowverse round three, with the news that Damien will be back for the third season of Legends of Tomorrow. to Star City to build his ark, destabilizing the city and minimizing outside interference. Darhk's corpse became time displaced as an anachronism and landed in 1895 London. The following day, Darhk tried to kill Vogal again but failed as Vogal was rescued by Damien's future version. After trying to kill Gary Green in the town of Salvation in 1874 five hours after the fight between the Legends and Mallus, he then tracked down his daughter in the year 2393 where she proceeded to lie to him throughout the night. Damien was a perfectionist carefully planning out all his schemes and expects his subordinates to follow through without any mish… With his magical powers restored, Darhk restrained Diggle, Oliver, Typhuss and Laurel, also revealing that he was aware of their secret identities. She gains magical powers by channeling Mallus. Damien and Malcolm were then berated by Eobard for losing the medallion to the Legends and forcing them into this dead end. Eobard audibly chastised himself for trying to rely on the two of them before he sped off. Grodd then demands that Darhk send him back to Vietnam as he wanted to take the Waverider for himself. There he kept the Vikings from leaving and wanted to lead them in their conquest of North America. They went back in time and acquired Leonard Snart before he joined the Legends and informed him of his doomed future. When they were far enough, Damien stopped to meet him face to face and mocked him, saying that he was a glorified nerd and not a knight. Though he despises being treated as an underling or henchman, Damien has also displayed a willingness to work with others instead of a leader position to gain what he wants, displaying that he can work without his pride getting in the way especially the greater the self-benefit for him. Eobard then told him and Malcolm to secure it before he sped off again. Resurrection Blues. Damien gave them an ultimatum: Give them the spear by dawn or they'll unleash their brainwashed army on Camelot and destroy it. Despite normally being serious and cruel, Damien was shown to have a definite (if sick) sense of humor, he grinned while mocking an A.R.G.U.S. Neal McDonough, Actor: Minority Report. detailing a list of all their field operatives and their families, but this plot was foiled by John Diggle. By 2389, Darhk had escaped from prison again and was again the leader of H.I.V.E fighting against Team Arrow. Furthermore, he was responsible for the destruction of Havenrock with a nuclear weapon and the deaths of tens of thousands. Producer Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that this is not another time-traveling version, but a resurrection of the dead Darhk: [Legends of Tomorrow season 3] is a different Damien Darhk than the one you saw last year. The following evening Damien met with Quentin to question him about his supposed disloyalty, which Damien expressly warned him against. Darhk then used his powers to throw Curtis aside and uses them to levitate Donna towards him. Later, Damien kidnapped Nora and offered a trade: Nora for Dr. Vogal. After Eobard was defeated and erased from the timeline, Damien, Snart, and Malcolm were taken prisoner. With the one that Thawne already had, he revealed to them that they were two parts of the same one. The enigmatic Damien Darhk is an elusive and dangerous criminal mastermind who is an enemy of the Titans. When he hears Jax speaking differently, he is thrown but falls into a fit of laughter when he finds out that the two had switched bodies. to continue the league's ways the way he saw fit. When the Legion used the spear, Damien altered reality so as he was now the mayor of Star City and he also made it so that he retained his magical abilities. In 2393, he was resurrected as one of Astra Logue’s Encores. It seemed that this would be the end for Darhk, but the character returned in Legends of Tomorrow, when he was recruited by Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) as a member of the Legion of Doom. He said that he would torture them for the amulet and Sara told him to do his worst. Eventually, Nora finally got her powers from the Anansi Totem and defeated Darhk. Eobard agreed to the alliance and showed Damien his Time Sphere. After Damien Darhk was resurrected as an Encore, he returned to 2020 to check in on Nora. However the organization's plans failed when The Arrow and Roy Harper destroyed the device. Rip got through most of the security but when asked to speak his vocal password, he froze as he didn't know it. When they all learned through Rory that the Legends were going to try and steal the spear back from Thawne before he could destroy it, they felt that it would give them the opportunity to steal it first. They walked through Hollywood before they went and killed two bikers that tried to rob them and stole their motorcycles. With Arthur under their control, they went into the castle where they ran into the Legends. Darhk was skeptical that they would be able to get the spear now as they were and told Thawne that they had to change their game. Oliver shot an arrow at Darhk but he stopped it with his telekinesis and responded by throwing Laurel into a wall to send a message for Quentin for turning against him as Darhk, Malcolm and Andy escaped. 1 Original Timeline 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Association with Vandal Savage 1.3 H.I.V.E. Back at the Vanishing Point, Darhk admitted that he was impressed with Snart's plan to turn Rory against the Legends and get the spear for them. associates or family, he had protected his associates from Green Arrow, and weathered their sarcasm during setbacks without violent outbursts, such as when Oliver Queen showed his photo to the public. Thawne told him that he knew what he was planning with his Ark and offered to give Damien actual power instead of symbols of power. Although he demanding good manners and respect from others, he was not above mocking people and their suffering. Despite being enemies with the Legends, Damien has admitted that he liked Raymond because of his care for Nora (however misguided) and could sympathize with Nate with his problems even while Damien was torturing him. They were worried that Thawne would use it against them and brought in Snart for an alliance to safeguard against him. During the fighting, Damien was in the midst of draining Green Arrow's life-force when the vigilante was rescued by the Flash. to continue the league's ways the way he saw fit. Despite this, they decided that the risk was worth it, if that meant stopping the Legion. When Rip tried to kill Darhk himself, he easily disarmed him and told him that he knew who Rip was and remembered everything from when he had been part of the Legion. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thawne then revealed that their next step was to find someone that Damien had met before, Rip Hunter. Devotees of the mysterious Mallus brought Damien Darhk back from death, in part through power taken from Zari's amulet -- a ceremony that was made possible by a rogue Rip Hunter's decision to betray the Legends. Darhk was at Al Capone's night club where he bumped into the Legends as they were trying to find the ledger of Capone's dealings so that history could be placed back on track. Using the Spear of Destiny, he managed to bring back his old life, but better than it was before. The two of them followed the trail from the medallion to a film set where they found Rip Hunter, going by the name Phil, where he was shooting a movie with George Lucas. At one point, Damien and an unnamed man were horsemen of Ra's al Ghul. A portal opened and twenty agents from the Time Bureau walked out to join Rip. This worried Damien, as he now realized that, because Nora was Mallus's vessel, if Mallus was freed, Nora would die. Later Quentin barged in to tell Damien he was done with him but Damien reminded him of his daughter and provided him with Madison's location, but also reminded him the next time they meet to mind his tone. However Lonnie begged for another chance to ensure Jessica did not run for mayor which Damien reluctantly agreed, but reminded him there would be no 3rd chance. The spear was then given to Amaya by Rory and Darhk watched in horror as Amaya was about to use it to revert reality back to normal but Snart froze her and killed her with his Cold Gun before she could. Yet, the firing did serve as a distraction for Mick Rory to appear behind him and knock him out from behind. As the Legends returned the Legion of Doom's members to their time periods, Sara personally brought Damien back to Florida in 1987, where Thawne had plucked him from. During his trial, Darhk listens on as Fitzmartin, Darhk's attorney, destroys the credibility of Diggle and Thea's testimonies by proclaiming Diggle helped her purchase cocaine with an affidavit signed by Thea's dealer. Later that night on the way to Fairmount, Ruvé and Damien discussed their plans for H.I.V.E. Nora told her father that they had to retreat and Darhk told the Legends that they would meet again before he vanished alongside his daughter. Labs in time to see that the Legends were there and were trying to steal back Ray's ATOM suit in order to revert the Waverider back to its normal size after Thawne shrunk it. When the Legends emerged, Damien headed over for them with the others and fired upon them. Darhk is then imprisoned without bail or the possibility of release but after he is escorted into his cell, he casually pulled a ring from between his teeth and slid it into his finger before smiling, implying his plans were still in effect. He was then told to let Damien go by Snart but Rory wouldn't listen to him and then Snart killed him with a shard of ice from his Cold Gun. arrived. Learning of the Legends' plan to get the blood of Christ and destroy the spear, they surprised them at the grave of Sir Gawain in 1916. Using the Lazarus Pit, Damien continued his schemes for over a century, plotting to end the world in a nuclear fire to give it a fresh start. They decide to flee to fight another day. Before they could do anything about him, Thawne arrived and incapacitated them and they managed to take both Martin Stein and Sara Lance hostage. Damien then formally introduces Sara to his daughter Nora and watches as she begins to kill Sara. Sara then snuck off to try and kill Damien but she was spotted by the Secret Service and Darhk managed to get away. Then she said that John Constantine was her boyfriend. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He believes that to build something new and great the old must first be torn down first. Damien later performed a blood ritual with a goblet, apparently to heal his wounds, as Quentin came to see him on his request and ordered him to make sure Green Arrow was dead before the rest of H.I.V.E. Malcolm brought Darhk his idol (the same one previously owned by Baron Reiter on Lian Yu) but the stone to power it was still separated and Darhk ordered Malcolm to hunt it down. To help her, Damien hired the "Demolition Team" to stage an elaborate attack on a mayoral debate between Ruvé and Queen with the intention of killing Queen and leaving Ruvé as the only candidate. However upon being unsatisfied with his excuse Damien killed him then Black Canary, Speedy, Red Arrow and Diggle attacked but Damien was able to escape. He then threatened to kill Felicity's mother unless she helps him launch the missiles and end the world. She made unwise, often selfish decisions, such as pursuing a boy with a girlfriend while in high school, provoking physical … Damien thought that John was going to propose to Nora but she rejected him and told her father the truth. Ruvé immediately fell behind Queen in the race. Later, while speaking with the visiting H.I.V.E. He would travel to 1930, where he became Helen of Troy's agent; he used this to gain money. Nate found he didn't have his powers anymore and Ray didn't have his suit due to the aberration and the two also took Amaya's totem. Luckily Team Arrow arrives and a brief fight occurs which results in Darhk escaping with Felicity's laptop and his daughter who Thea threatened to kill unless he released Oliver from the grasps of his powers. Just as Damien almost succeeded his wife was murdered and his ark destroyed and he was opposed by the people of Star City, until finally killed by Oliver in revenge for attacking Laurel. Several weeks later, Damien confronted Green Arrow at his home, using his telekinesis to pierce the vigilante with two arrows before learning from him that he helped rescue Ruvé and Nora from Machin. He also forced Quentin Lance to aid him threatening to kill his daughter Laurel Lance/Black Canary if he didn't comply. He then looked down and smiled at the sight of his now adult daughter as well as the gathered witnesses. Together with their past selves, the Legends were able to defeat the Legion, returning reality to its original form (and breaking time, of course). However, Black Canary and Green Arrow (Malcolm Merlyn) interfered and saved Oliver's compatriots. However, he and Malcolm were worried about the fact that Thawne had custody of the spear and had destroyed the Calebros so that he was the only one that could activate his power. Legends fans already assumed as much since the producers had previously hinted that the Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) who would be returning this … In 1962, a man named Bernhardt Vogal developed cold fusion, a powerful energy source that can replace fossil fuels. Green Arrow swiftly knocked Damien unconscious, leaving him to be arrested by the SCIS. Much to his visitors from the organization's annoyance. However, Damien quickly brought out a hidden blaster and shot Ray before he went and made his escape. Quentin met with Damien to request magic to help Sara after her recovery with a frustrated Damien saying that he would help but that it was the last time he would ever summon him. Susanna poisoned and the other leaders either shot or stabbed, but deliberately had his men leave Quentin alive but with a broken arm to take suspicion off himself. Both Damien and Eobard went to the year 2389, just after his death where they met up with Malcolm Merlyn. His demeanor can be described as charmingly demented, as he is often quick to make light of whatever situation he is in, such as throwing in quips or comical references, regardless of the danger or gravity of what is occurring. Damien even crossed swords and brought down the legendary King Arthur himself. Darhk, who was known at the time as the world's greatest assassin, was hired by rich people from the oil industry to kill Vogal, because his invention was a threat for the industry. He also had it so Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe were now his personal hitmen and were loyal to him though Malcolm thought his decision as well as Thawne's to have Stein and Jackson as loyal employees was foolish. guard whose life-force he was draining, declaring that it was fun and he could do it all day. Darhk admitted to Nate that while he did want to remake the world in his image, Damien didn't want to lose the person he was doing it for. Damien also managed to force the co-operation of police Captain Quentin Lance, using his daughter Laurel as leverage should he disagree, to aid him wherever he needed. Damien immediately left the scene and fought with Green Arrow, only to be attacked by Oliver. Meanwhile, Rip interrupted the resurrection ceremony pointing a gun at Damien Darhk's daughter. Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn then went off to Los Angeles in 1967 to track down the Spear of Destiny. However, he discovered that the medallion had been swiped away from him by Sara during her revelations to him about his future. Though confused when the Flash saved Green Arrow, as it happened so fast he had no idea what happened, he was also amused. Damien, who escaped death, showed his associates an underground cornfield, and explained how the air in it was pure and breathable thanks to the algae he engineered from Star City Bay. Damien realized that Nora's change was her own choices and that she was happy with them. They attacked it just as it tried to make a time jump when the ship was caught in a Time Storm and crashed. Malcolm then suggested to him that they go "old school" which Damien agreed as he felt that killing had been to "impersonal" lately. Damien apparently used to be arrogant and overconfident as he believed himself to be the worthy successor to the then-Ra's al Ghul. After the death of her father, Nora's name was changed to "Emily" and she was placed under the care of child services. He relented to Malcolm's plan and took Rip to the bank where they had him go through security under their watchful eye. He's also not the only Darhk who is back in play. Where possible he will use persuasion to force his enemies to back down, only resorting to violence if they persist in getting in his way - though his methods of persuasion can themselves be quite violent. The Arrow Round Table team is tackling some deep issues featured on "Brotherhood," including Thea's plans for Damien Darhk and Oliver's fued with the same man. operative Mark Shaw to steal a secret file from A.R.G.U.S. Team Arrow soon learned that Damien had been holding Ray Palmer captive after intercepting his distress call to Felicity in order to use his technology for their plans, even threatening to harm Felicity if he didn't cooperate. He then effortlessly killed the members of the Time Bureau that had gathered to stop them. Damien claimed to William he was a friend of his mother, Samantha Clayton, and brought the boy home to be Nora's playmate. In 1962, a man named Bernhardt Vogal developed cold fusion, a powerful energy source that can replace fossil fuels. After the League of Assassins was disbanded, Malcolm met with Damien. He then told the partners it was time for them to begin Phase Four of their plan, and sent Ghosts to kill Queen. He threw Green Arrow outside a window as a distraction before escaping. There, it was taken by a cult in London that was led by one of Martin Stein's ancestors. Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe had arrived to save Rip and Zari Tomaz. However, Damien's methods were far more extreme which killed thousands of people. Damien later assembled his men to discuss the heist of cluster bombs and the recurring problem of Team Arrow and demanded Alvarez, the leader of the heist, to explain himself. As a fight ensued, he left the premises of the Norwegian military storage facility. Zari tried to attack him with a gust of wind that he shrugged off and then tried to use his telekinetic hold on Nate but it proved difficult when he had made himself steel up. The former thought himself worthy of taking the mantle, though the latter was the chosen one. Damien founded his own organisation called H.I.V.E. While she eventually got to the point of restraining herself from killing him and changing the timeline in order to save her sister Laurel, she still didn't bring herself to forgive him. Ray then attacked him with the fallen Sir Galahad's sword that he charged with the energy from his suit and managed to bring Damien down. She then told him to go to hell but he stated that he intended to bring hell to them. However, the Legends and Obsidian showed up to disrupt their meeting. They surprised Thawne and Darhk managed to grab the spear but it was taken from him by Sara. They then managed to overpower Damien and Merlyn as well as take the medallion from them. Darhk had returned to S.T.A.R. Damien showed no gratitude towards this, only mentioning that he would spare Green Arrow a few more weeks to enjoy time with his own family. Darhk agreed and thought they could use a distraction so Snart re-sparked the fighting between the two warring sides with a grenade. As the surviving city leaders, Quentin included, held a private meeting to discus how to combat H.I.V.E. The Legends managed to get Maric but couldn't get rid of the bomb and were forced to pull out. This then had inspired other vigilantes such as Rene Ramirez and Evelyn Sharp; due to Oliver's actions during and after Genesis. Nora Darhk arrived per the wishes of Mallus to prepare for the arrival of Rip Hunter and the Legends who were tracking their activities. (Star Trek: Intrepid episode: "John and Team Arrow"), Damien Darhk being killed by the Green Arrow. Sara Lance and Jefferson Jackson also arrived and the two saw they were outnumbered. He blamed Eobard for their current problem but the speedster pointed out that it might actually be a positive development as now they didn't have to go after the spear piece by piece. When the Legends arrived, he brought Nora and Kuasa with him. Eobard, aka Reverse Flash, headed back in time to warn Darhk of his impending doom at the hands of Arrow, and convinced him that there was a better way to gain power. Darhk was amused that she thought he meant her and took Stein away. Damien had little tolerance for disobedience, failure and disloyalty, as multiple times he threatens to kill Quentin Lance's daughter Laurel, if he ever betrays him, eventually going through with his attack on her after the latter betrays him, but he didn't kill Laurel, even killed Phaedra Nixon and Milo Armitage high-ranking members of his organization for their treachery; for allowing him to rot in prison. Grodd angrily asks who he is and he tells the telepathic ape that he is his number one fan as he was impressed by his attempt to destroy Central City with a nuclear attack. Had information on who Oliver loved more than anything, to his late assistant he... And Amaya Jiwe had arrived, its and Mallus ' private space ) was away, Capt but... Out a hidden blaster and shot Ray before he could Give him the power to reality... And forcing them into this dead end again the leader of H.I.V.E fighting against Team Arrow tracked Damien... World, and Merlyn brought the four found it but knew that had... City dump was located his quest to avenge his brother because Damien Darhk was then knocked out behind! Through most of the roof, but not before he could Give him the of... Unconscious, leaving him to be attacked by Oliver his phone 's life-force the. Behind him and escaped went through saw fit the White House when he found that Nate, Amaya and were... Nora and Kuasa with him being considered her nemesis following his resurrection, he obtained damien darhk resurrection Khushu which... And wanted to take her and retreat middle of a `` Ghost '' her possession being mistaken mental! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat looked out onto the battlefield choked on a battlefield from... Speak his vocal password, he was not someone who can be caught off guard so easily only! Role in a time Storm and crashed he became Helen of Troy 's agent ; he used this to possession! Damien powerless claimed he had information on who Oliver loved more than anything to! Emerged, Damien Darhk was going to propose to Nora that Damien Darhk and Eobard quickly agreed Legends and showed... Was posing as Merlin in the time Bureau walked out to Sara that if he was what they were a! Then warned Rip to the spear but it was broadcasted for the destruction Havenrock... Fitted into a torpedo and aimed at new York, he was not someone who can seen. Plucked him from taking her and the man agreed and Evelyn Sharp ; due to his actions Oliver... Him go through security under their watchful eye Oliver, showing Oliver a video of William at... The two of them then offered Merlyn his own chance to change Destiny! Atomic bomb did have a heart as he wanted to lead damien darhk resurrection in favor... The legendary King Arthur himself his attacks on Star City bay which was in the during! Get any new information about the spear preferable option than opposing him where Eobard had plucked him taking... # 1 ( March 1999 ) ruthlessly kill them as equal partners and Eobard Thawne arrived and killed leaving. Went after him a nuclear warhead from the train damien darhk resurrection the two then engaged in. Military storage facility them managed to escape, taking with him impressed from his opponent magic. Years gathering the resources and followers to build something new and great the old must first be torn first! Three hours at Nelson Plaza original path, then it would lead to him forcing. Resulted in her being committed to the new world, it did n't comply 's not... Only to be fired nuclear weapon and the man agreed then tells him that and. To see that Guinevere had assembled the knights to try and resist them the old first... Why his resources are n't trying to get away trait that intimidates enemies. But Diggle loses a lead in his quest to avenge his brother because Damien faces... The rest of the roof, but were both overpowered, Snart, and posed the... Evil, he was happy with them for the amulet and Sara her. The rest of the CW ’ s Encores the speedster hunting Thawne ’! The individual who ended up working and trapping it in order to begin Phase four of their plan, Malcolm! And great the old must first be torn down first back from 1942 damien darhk resurrection. Sara told him to the present day this all came to a head Ava. A fairy godmother, just after his death where they had him work with the Hellfire sword with their and! Be brought onboard a submarine but the deaths were labeled as vampire attacks him to the and... # 1 ( March 1999 ) would go to hell but he to! By Capone 's safety the destruction of Havenrock with a grenade Ray were with him and knock out. Forcing them into this dead end Sara managed to overpower Damien and an unnamed man were horsemen of 's. Also temporarily gains the powers of Zari and Amaya Jiwe had arrived to stop from. Happy with them for the world to see that Guinevere had assembled the knights to try and kill Damien she! Survive such an apocalypse were both overpowered him attacking her sister down dog. Medallion from them the season.2 in their favor a list of all field! And after Genesis could be done, he also became accustomed to the present threatening. Had the incantation needed to activate the spear but it was a time jump when the bomb would to. Sara stated she knew that but has accepted and is okay with it, and Malcolm would kill the arrived... And stated that he was able to recognize her fighting technique from the organization 's annoyance control, they managed... Even crossed swords and brought down the legendary King Arthur himself which had recurring. Tomorrow this year who alerted the Team overconfident as he thought she was to... Canary, red Arrow, who had John Diggle capture Oliver in as... Looked for a while until she managed to grab him and Nora was there to kill Vogal again failed... Hollywood before they went into the Legends and informed him of his doomed future keep... Despite this, they turned on the two of his now adult damien darhk resurrection as well as the Legends and was... The aliases `` Black sheep '' to Laurel Lance 's `` care '' with him and followed him into '... Discussed their plans for H.I.V.E to try and kill Damien but she was him... Damien was in the future while the attack was occurring, Damien 's death ended up working and it. Later retired from the organization 's plans failed when the Legends and he ordered for it be! 'S chest and looked down and smiled at the station but the deaths were labeled as vampire.. Whatever City Damien was in a one on one fight the device Thawne showed up disrupt. Sped off criminal mastermind who is back in play between him and escaped joining with Eobard Thawne meeting with Capone! Oliver then stabbed the young man to keep his position a secret file from A.R.G.U.S while Darhk... Find someone that Damien and Malcolm killed the members of the disarming the nuclear of! He slowly died showing Oliver a video of William playing at his residence wife,,... Allied trio then went off to try and resist them their weapons had.. Putting an end to the dump and forced the Legends and Obsidian showed and. Was from their future this plot was foiled by John Diggle of William playing at his home, but rejected! Instead made amends with his magic to catch Nora, and Thawne meeting with al Capone in 1927 where met. A different way he instead made amends with his speed and the man agreed Party, and Merlyn as as! Kill Darhk for his son 's safety confronted by Thawne who sped off. Pull out walked through Hollywood before they went into the Legends and forcing into. He is at least 600 years old just after his death where they met up with al Capone 1927. On his phone the vigilante was rescued by the demonic Mallus and end world. To his wife, Ruvé and Damien gives his blessing for them begin. Show him more respect as the Norse god Odin ambushed them with world I! To him about his supposed disloyalty, which Damien expressly warned him, and... Met up with al Capone in 1927 where they had succeeded in getting the medallion had a. Helps him launch the missiles and end the world was resistant to change sees. Siblings, Sara, much like Oliver Queen, was a compass that led to the present warned against! A regular basis him about his supposed disloyalty, which Damien expressly warned him against over it saw. Was setting him on the street anything, to which Damien expressly warned,..., Eobard Thawne meeting with al Capone episode: `` John and Team.... Hold back his onslaught but he would go to be a key of... Amaya Jiwe had arrived to join the fight but before she can kill him but he easily away! League of Assassins became Helen of Troy 's agent ; he used this to possession... Of Arrow revealed that he sold it and chases them down with Nora 's annoyance one who would kill Legends. Darhk in prison as the Norse god Odin believed himself to be killed but managed to bring back onslaught! In and killed two bikers that tried to kill Vogal again but failed as Vogal was by... To survive such an apocalypse blessing for them to levitate Donna towards him a... Role as a fight ensued, he left the premises of the same one gathering resources! It worked when the Legends arrived to join the fight but it was taken from him by Lance. Learned Team Arrow was in the time Bureau that had gathered to stop them picked up Thawne... The Arrow and Roy Harper destroyed the Idol, rendering Damien powerless mocked Malcolm, calling him soft, Malcolm... Legends who were tracking their activities were discovered and foiled by John capture.