Left: Regulations no big deal — except when lefty interest groups are doing the grousing

The idea that regulations can actually interfere with the economy in a bad way is dismissed by many lefties. This group includes bloggers like the Calbuzz boys, George Skelton-style print journos, and many Dem lawmakers. But isn’t it, er, unusual that whenever a left-wing interest group is hassled by regulations, a mysterious consensus suddenly forms that these particular regulations actually interfere with the economy in a bad way?

Calbuzz unsophisticated and lazy? Damn right

Back at my old blog, I had fun going back and forth with the Calbuzz guys. They were simply better writers than anyone else on their side of the political aisle, and funny, too. I read them every day. But something about the broad conclusion reached by tens of millions of Americans that Barack Obama has been a mediocre president or worse has driven them around the bend. This translates all the time into the argument that amounts to, “If he’s unpopular, his critics are bad people.” Really? It’s that simple, huh? They’re all driven by rotten motives, not their honest perception of the state of America after nearly three years of this administration?