Obama energy secretary trashed go-it-alone AB 32 approach

Since AB 32′s adoption, I’ve been astounded by the superficiality of the media’s coverage of the law, which forces the state to shift to cleaner but much costlier forms of energy. Having one state pursue such a policy more or less unilaterally is economic suicide. Says who? Not a “global warming denier,” to use the green movement lingo. Says President Obama’s own energy secretary! Attention, green California journos who don’t think you’re in the tank but probably are: Isn’t this a story?

No more games, Jerry: Take firm stand on high-speed rail

For months, Sacramento insiders have speculated about Gov. Jerry Brown’s real views of high-speed rail. Despite his nominal public support for the project, some have believed that his appointment of “realists” to the high-speed rail board showed he wanted it dead. Others have said his public view was his private view. Still others have said that Brown was merely doing the Obama administration a favor by backing the project so it could get started next year and allow the president to tout it on the campaign trail as he sought re-election. But the brutally harsh report from the Legislative Analyst’s Office on Tuesday should sweep all this shadow-boxing and speculation away.

What links AB 32, bullet train fiasco? Years of deceit on cost to public

The enormity of the boondoggle that is the California bullet train project is settling in. The public and the previously cheerleading media are finally figuring out the extent of the myths and falsehoods that were used in 2008 to win the passage of its $9.95 billion in bond seed money from taxpayers. So when will a like realization settle in about another enormously hyped boondoggle that was sold with myths and falsehoods? I refer to AB 32, the 2006 law forcing a shift to cleaner but costlier sources of energy.