Calbuzz boys, Skelton analyze state woes — never mention unions! LOL!

The idea that unions are a bad influence on California is hardly just a conclusion of folks on the right. In 2005, the Los Angeles Times endorsed Prop. 75, saying barring the automatic deduction of union dues from public employees’ pay would lead to a fairer balance of power at the local and state government level. The Sacramento Bee editorial page has gone after unions for being unreasonable for years; here’s a recent example. Unions are so out of control that it barely raises eyebrows when union officials and allies like state Dem Party leader John Burton advocate a policy that would prevent giving anti-convulsion drugs to kids at risk of death if the person doing the giving isn’t a union nurse. But guess who completely absolves unions? The Calbuzz boys, whose writing style/shtick builds off the idea that they’re smarter than everybody, and the L.A. Times’ George Skelton, dean of Sacramento journos. Really, guys? Not a single mention of unions in your recent dissections of California’s dysfunction? Not one? Wow.

Cathleen Galgiani, D-Doltville, defends state’s high-speed rail expertise! Really and truly!

The Legislative Analyst’s Office’s harsh but straightforward criticism of the bullet-train project, which mirrors that made by so many other independent evaluations, is all wrong, says Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani, D-Stockton. She called the LAO “unqualified to provide a comprehensive analysis of this complex project, which the state has been working on for 15 years.” So we’re supposed to defer to state on this, to the California High-Speed Rail Authority, to the same people who have admitted they were wrong about the project cost, ridership, ticket prices, private investors’ interest and much more? To an authority that admits it used to do a crappy job of analysis? With her remark, Galgiani isn’t just the clear frontrunner for Dumbest Quote of 2011, she may be the only one on the ballot.