Businesses have been transitioning to digital for some time now because it helps them streamline their management and enhance their day-to-day operations. The existing business model is digitally mapped and/or new digital products are developed. Digitalization in business is all about converting data or material into a digital form and using digital methods for various operations and tasks. Moreover, you can do this with the help of information that users themselves will tell you about themselves using mobile devices. Tell us about your project. BI Business Review The digital economy is more youthful than you think. But many companies still struggle to keep up with the […] Digital pens, tablet or OCR intelligent document and image scanning are the most popular. development of mobile applications for business. Intelligent data capture manages the process of capturing incoming information or data to your business, ensuring it is processed and documented efficiently. The right solution for you will depend on the scale and scope of business, as well as your data requirements. It is really quite difficult to imagine any consumer segment without the possibility to purchase goods or services remotely. How Supply Chain Managers Can Benefit From Digitalization. However, proceeding from the question of what is digitalization of business, it is possible to say that this process may also have the following purposes: Let's analyze the following statistics in order to understand the real scale of digitization impact on business. Over the years it’s likely that the organisation and storage of these documents will fall into disarray, leaving a large paper trail of archived work. Tim has extensive experience gained from over 10 years in the industry. Tim Hall is Chief Technology Officer at Blue Logic. Returning to the research we talked about, we will find out that 39% of companies have improved the process of real-time transactions making, 32% improved operational efficiency and 28% were able to get new customers, thanks to the digitalization of their business. Popular departments who benefit from this process includes digital mailrooms, recruitment, HR and finance management divisions. Digitalisation is the conversion of written and oral communication to electronic messaging that everyone understands. It improves business processes and increases transparency internally. You can accept or decline cookies here. The digitalization of documents and the disappearance of space and time barriers helps in carefully optimizing resources to streamline the production process. If to consider Global 2000, two-thirds of the companies were intended to make digitalization their key priority already by the end of 2017. When data capture is #digitalised and #automated, it eliminates the #HumanError factor and will increase data quality and accuracy. The most popular mobile apps in the world are Facebook, YouTube, FB Messenger, Google Search and Maps, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Play, and Gmail. Nevertheless, many still don’t know what digitalization actually means. The information gathered can then integrate with host systems and pre-defined databases – automating the process from start to finish. In … In addition to the further development or new orientation of basic entrepreneurial business models, digitalisation requires the build-up of a bi-modal organisation structure and an IT infrastructure where, for example, the existing ERP system can be developed to become the core of a digital platform. After implementing each digital solution, you need to analyze its effectiveness and make sure that it brings additional revenue or any other benefit to the company, rather than damaging the budget. The Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the EU, Structured Connectivity and the Future of A/V, IP EXPO Europe 2015 adds Cloud heavyweights to speaker line-up, Compare the Cloud Interviews Dr. Laura Sophie Dornheim from Adblock Plus, IP Expo Interview with Vicki Sammons from Dell EMC. And whereas some people (such… It is also possible to give dozens of examples regarding the importance of digitalization in relation to your KPI because this is the thing that really works! Crowd workers do not reap the benefits of flexible work. Therefore, the process of external change as usual should begin with changes inside. Having customers fill out a credit card application form online reduces the inefficiencies of a paper application process, but it doesn’t provide an experience that is new or different. To minimize risks, you need to approach this very carefully and responsibly. If you still doubt that the digitalization will eat all those who are not adaptable according to the law of the jungle, let's look at the following indicators. There is no sense to pay attention to the IT sector since this is the sphere that gave birth to all the innovative solutions that are implemented in all the spheres. An average user spends approximately from 2,6 to 3,2 hours with digital media on mobile. In practice, this means that you can create a business page in Instagram and adjust the display of advertising only to those users who regularly check in different luxury places (for example, if you sell an expensive product or service). The introduction of cloud computing has revolutionised how businesses operate, providing new levels of flexibility and access via remote working. This trend is set to continue as more businesses understand the benefits of digitalisation and move to capitalise on them.

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