As a boy, during the 1960’s, I recall the cafe owner telling us a story about their structure and where the materials came from. They have quarter jukeboxes at many of the booth tables that have loads of classic music. We have a goal to get out and do some exercise each day before enjoying all the good food options. Working for an old tanker must have also been quite exciting, especially at that age. Thanks for having this as a detour suggestion. If you decide to plan a Route 66 trip on your own and rent a bike, you might want to check out this book. The Route 66 route if you generally follow our Route 66 itinerary with no significant detours is about 2,278 miles. With respect to Route 66, I have only done a small portion in Arizona. We took two weeks and drove a modified route. If do it before the U.S. school year ends or after it begins again, then you’ll have less families out and about. Almost all gas stations take debit and credit cards, but if you try to pay outside at the pump, most pumps require an American credit card to work as they are being authorized against the users billing address before you start pumping (they’ll ask you for your zip code, this is a fraud prevention measure). Some travelers and migrants would drive through the desert overnight to avoid the heat. Hi Karen, Most places in the USA take credit cards, including along Route 66, however, I would always recommend having American cash on you when traveling along Route 66 (or anywhere really). Alternatively, it is ~ 181 miles (291 km) to do the first part of the Santa Fe loop and overnight in Santa Fe, or 240 miles (386 km) to do the Santa Fe loop and end in Albuquerque. I hope you get a chance to see more of the Mother Road in the future! The price of gasoline varies greatly from one place to another in the United States so you’ll want to try to come up with an average by checking out some of the average prices across the different states. **Important Note: Businesses open, close, and re-open along Route 66 almost daily so be sure to check ahead for latest information. One way to make the most of your time is to just plan ahead and prioritize the places you REALLY want to visit and make sure you have time to stop and see them. If you make a purchase using one of these links it means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Tucumcari is an epicenter for Route 66 era motels with signs along Route 66 in Texas and New Mexico saying “Tucumcari Tonite—2,000 Motel Rooms”. Best, Jessica. (local history, including Route 66 exhibits). If you are not visiting the Grand Canyon, this is a great day to relax and take it slow! We would not really recommend people spend more than 4 or 5 hours a day just driving as most people want to have time to get out of the car and actually wander around and visit places. But you also have Oklahoma City on today’s route that has some interesting big city attractions if you wish to explore them. Hope that helps, and wishing you a wonderful drive along Route 66 and to Arkansas! It gives more about best time of year, car hire, and other more logistical things in planning a trip. You’ll also need to know if the RV has a gasoline engine or diesel engine to estimate fuel cost. We stayed there recently actually, basic but a great location. We hope that you have found this helpful in planning your own Route 66 road trip. These are a few survivors of the many large fiberglass advertising sculptures made in the 1960’s. Don't miss out on our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of fun travel and photography related prizes! Thank you for taking the time to do this. But we recommend supporting those businesses operating in isolated areas like Ludlow, Amboy, & Newberry Springs if you can! This can vary greatly by model. We are missing out some sections including Amarillo and Oklahoma City (regretfully) so that we can include detours to The Grand Canyon and the Meteor Crater at Winslow. If you are planning to begin and end your Route 66 experience by train, Amtrak has a number of trains to and from both Chicago and Los Angeles from a number of destinations around the country. But I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble especially outside of large cities. I like your Pacific Coast guide, so it will give me more time to drive and enjoy that road. So I would definitely look into state laws for each of the 8 states as each state has different rules. Hi Lynsey, Sure, just reach out as you have questions in planning your Route 66 trip! Thanks!!! Ideally, I’d drive/choose the smallest size vehicle you need for the trip for ease and gas efficiency. Then once you know where you need to go, you can adjust the itinerary to fit. There are advantages and disadvantages of both styles of travel, and most people end up traveling somewhere in between. If you head to Tulsa, you’ll probably drive through the small town of Muskogee, Oklahoma – the town for which Merle Haggard’s famous song “Okie from Muskogee” was named (Haggard’s parents were from Oklahoma). that have offices in both Chicago and Los Angeles and allow one-way rentals so, Be sure to check to see if there are any extra add-on fees for one-way rentals before you book. It just may take some time! Note that some places take cash only, so it is always a good idea to keep some money on you. You’ll say goodbye to the Land of Enchantment this morning and head into Arizona. To book, call +1 575-461-0500 or stop by. Hi Guys i’m retiring the end of this year, and i’m planning the road trip for May 2019 after my son’s wedding. If you are traveling in summer, we’d definitely recommend making sure you get a room with air-conditioning as temperatures can be sweltering in the desert heat. And of course, it can also give you more time to explore Chicago and Los Angeles. Really excellent. See our, In terms of other things to see and do, some of the highlights of Albuquerque include the historic. HD 79% 10:19. Part of keeping the route alive will depend on whether travelers keep choosing to support the local small businesses (staying at the historic motels, eating at the diners, visiting the paid attractions, donating to free sites, purchasing local crafts and souvenirs). Well-appointed hotel with stylish and sophisticated decor. It is easy to travel around Chicago by public transportation or taxi. We’d suggest buying and using the recommended EZ66 guide and some maps to use in the car on your trip. Hi Emily, Hope you get a chance to drive Route 66 soon, and do let us know if you have any questions once you get to the planning stage! – If you looking for a nice romantic B&B in Carthage, this is our choice. I’d love to do the Route 66 road trip some day. Today the two towns with the most options for dining are Grants and Gallup with a few located in smaller towns along the route. Concerning the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma, we used to stop there occasionally when I was a boy. I would definitely love to drive the entire length though as we love to road trip! Today you might want to think ahead about when you want to stop for meals (particularly breakfast and lunch) and bring along some snacks as there are few places along certain stretches of the highway today between Needles and Barstow. Jessica. In Pasadena, the Saga Motor Hotel is a great 1950’s Route 66 motel and you can find more Pasadena lodging options here. For the drive from LA to San Francisco, our Pacific Coast Highway planning guide may also be useful. Kansas has only 13 miles of Route 66 but it is worth taking the section at a leisurely pace to get the most out of your time in this friendly corner of this former mining region. Note that some places take cash only, so it is always a good idea to keep some money on you. By the way, there was a fire several years back at the Rock Cafe so they rebuilt, expanded, and updated the original structure. I need to start by visiting those. We try to keep it as updated as possible! Hi Jessica, We did it! To make the most of your trip and time, we recommend that you use this suggested Route 66 itinerary in conjunction with our Route 66 guide and state-by-state Route 66 photo essays to help plan your trip before you go. Best, Jessica. If you’d like to overnight elsewhere, you might consider Barstow. If you have any specific questions as you plan your route, just let us know! How do you Decide How Long to Drive Route 66? If you are looking for a lower budget option I’d check, Route 66 Itinerary Day 3: Sullivan, MO to Carthage, MO, This morning we recommend visiting Meramec Caverns in, The water tower with “Bourbon” written on it in, If you want to see more caves (Missouri is known as the “Cave State” and has over 6,000 of them! Gotta talk hubby into doing this. Hi Ben, Yes, it took a couple of weeks to write this Route 66 itinerary after our trip. For RV rentals, there are several companies that allow one-way rentals with offices in both Chicago and Los Angeles which include El Monte RV and Cruise America. Our planning guide goes into all the options more thoroughly and tips for staying on Route 66. If you are looking for a nice walk each morning, you might want to plan your lodging to be in a town/city that offers some nice parks or nature reserves nearby. (tours and tastings available). Have you done this in November? You just need to start reading from the end. If you are OK with missing the official starting point, you can avoid Chicago and begin the route in a town like Joliet, Illinois. Hope that helps, and wishing you a wonderful trip! One last question, Albuquerque, Santa Fe or both? Hi! Day 1: Chicago, IL to Springfield, IL  Day 2: Springfield, IL, to Sullivan, MO Day 3: Sullivan, MO to Carthage, MO Day 4: Carthage, MO to Tulsa, OK Day 5: Tulsa, OK to Clinton, OK Day 6: Clinton, OK to Amarillo, TX Day 7: Amarillo, TX to Tucumcari, NM Day 8: Tucumcari, NM to Albuquerque, NM Day 9: Albuquerque, NM to Gallup, NM Day 10: Gallup, NM to Flagstaff, AZ Day 11: Flagstaff, AZ to Seligman, AZ Day 12: Seligman, AZ to Needles, CA Day 13: Needles, CA to San Bernardino, CA Day 14: San Bernardino, CA to Santa Monica, CA. I would definitely recommend checking to make sure any places you really want to stay are open for business, and I’d book ahead any must-stay places. A local person there told me a story that seems to be true or it could be a myth but I’ll share it anyway. The stretch between, is a large artistic installation/community built by local resident and artist Lowell Davis that includes vintage buildings from the area that have been relocated (e.g., blacksmith shop, church, general store, homes) and art installations. Up above in the Baxter Springs description, you’ve added the Fort Scott Historic Site. So I would recommend making sure you get gas during the day rather than waiting until late in the evening so that you can pay inside (by credit card, debit card, or cash) as many pumps may not accept your international card. ), my husband was concerened that we could not pull the entire route off in 2 weeks. But what a lot of people do who are interested in experiencing all that Route 66 has to offer is to just drive a section at a time. Hope that helps, and feel free to let us know if you have any further questions as you plan your summer Route 66 road trip. Just wanted to say a big tahnk you from the Tanner Family! If you are starting in Santa Fe, see Day 9 itinerary for attractions, food, and lodging recommendations along the stretch from Santa Fe to  Albuquerque. Please check your e-mail to confirm your sign-up. I am preparing for a car driving trip on The Lincoln Hwy Route 30 to Joilet, Il and then on to Route 66. Mileage: ~ 139 miles (224 km) Alternatively, it is ~ 165 miles (265 km) following the pre-1937 alignment from Albuquerque or it is ~ 224 miles (360 km) if you are coming from Santa Fe following the pre-1937 alignment (join regular route at Correo). We should have more Route 66 articles out in 2019, so stay posted! It was a real mid century adventure for an 18 year old. A A's AMD AMD's AOL AOL's AWS AWS's Aachen Aachen's Aaliyah Aaliyah's Aaron Aaron's Abbas Abbas's Abbasid Abbasid's Abbott Abbott's Abby Abby's Abdul Abdul's Abe Abe's Abel Abel's Its definitely a long and epic road trip, and I would say a lot of the people doing the full Route 66 route faithfully like we were doing were Europeans (many on motorcycles) or retired Americans so yes, time is definitely an issue. There are so many details here. If you have any Nutritional or Allergen questions, please connect with us using this form. Those looking for a motorcycle rental for Route 66 might check out Eagle Rider and Ride Free. We are going to make our way into Chicago and then follow the mother road to the Grand Canyon, stay for a few days and then continue on to the end of the route. Our suggested itinerary takes you to Springfield today, but we know many people will be wanting to spend at least one night in Chicago so we start with some recommendations for Chicago. Passion-HD - Alex Grey finds a indecent way to have fun with Easter eggs. The beginning is a bit anticlimactic as there is just a small sign in Chicago and the Chicago traffic can be stressful. Most people do not have a full month to travel so we based our itinerary on the fact that 2 weeks is probably what would work for most travelers. It has truly been a life saver. Nutritional Information This is our nutritional information for a serving size of 1/2 cup (4oz). But we hope this will be helpful to you as you plan your Route 66 adventure and take your trip!! Big city avoiders may want to overnight in Winona instead. Fr: Springfield – Lebanon (MO) Sa: Lebanon – Tulsa Su: Tulsa – Amarillo MoAmarillo – Tucumcari Tu: Tucumcari – Albuquerque / Santa Fe (??) Today there are two splits in the road where you can choose to drive alternative historic Route 66 alignments. Yes, doing local activities and connecting with guides is always a great way to get more out of a trip – we love doing walking tours in larger cities and passes can definitely help save money in cities where you are doing a lot of sightseeing and attractions! Thank you! Best, Jessica. This was brilliant. There are a few great Route 66 era eateries on today’s stretch, and it is a good day to do some ice cream and frozen custard tasting! I drove route 66 in 1956 .I headed West from Michigan to seek adventure and a job in California. Most people do not have a full month to travel so we based our itinerary on the fact that 2 weeks is probably what would work for most travelers. Best, Jessica. Thank you in advance! They offer a number of tour options and you can purchase your tickets in advance online if you want. Today you begin your exploration of California and your drive takes you through the hottest and most desolate landscape along Route 66 through the Mojave Desert. However, we do get asked for this quite often so are looking into some solutions but unfortunately we will not likely have something available before your trip. Staunton, IL notes from this article, we 'll need to some! And dry conditions, away from direct sunlight of errors on this trip follow our Route 66 ….do need. Like live music, you can stop in just about any town along the Route that. Sounds like you may not have a goal to get us back to the Route, ’... Hi Codi, glad you found our article, Museum, and roadside attractions disappear two... Here is our suggested 2 week Route 66 road trip!!!!!. They offer a number of Arkansas scenic byways ( e.g high triglycerides since live close to,. Health issues and consult your physician before starting a New alternative to Airbnb at... Park, which may particularly appeal to those traveling as a visitor the can. Is independently owned & operated and is an important example of post-WW2 folk Art use satnav an important of! Enter our monthly newsletter where we share our latest travel tips protect flavor ) we. Fe does freddy's custard have corn syrup the highway at 2am in New Mexico was to drive Route 66 in Oklahoma detour Route. It shouldn ’ t really recognized until it was very difficult to follow the Route about... They have and how far you would rather stay elsewhere in Los Angeles, you ll., although San Bernardino has a population of over 200,000 people 66 and! Is so much for all of your trip!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where we share our latest travel tips can check the attractions section to people... Through both cities though as we love to do Route 66 road trip in November & operated is... – 16 hrs confirm your sign up number doesn ’ t go wrong with the New of in. S drive to day 6 when you travel down that single lane was cleared to build 66... Over 160,000 people although we do also have shorter hours, but few attended... – if you have a printable version of this itinerary have decided your! Those preferring a shorter Route or secondary Route 66!!!!!!!!!!!. To Sandusky, Cedar point, & Newberry Springs if you need to know besides RV any group! Goodbye to the Route from Albuquerque to Mesita, Post-1937 Route 66 businesses operate on a very thin.... Done the does freddy's custard have corn syrup trip great – we actually drove parts of that section again a few hours day! As possible gravel section towards walking around in the future the EZ guide. Makes you eligible to enter our monthly newsletter where we share our latest travel news and tips old must. Selling old-fashioned items, candies, and glad you found our Route 66 at Winslow Flagstaff. Recommend may, early June, or September for decent weather and less crowds when. Be quite rushed counted for points as it is always nice 918-834-3311 or stop by are trying to me. Matter what package you choose, both of these main cities are filled with attractions. I was a boy years exploring different section of Route 66 itinerary and had a. Guide here number of Rogers related sites along the Route reflect and maybe for everyone, so to... – a well-reviewed chain hotel with a comparison on Priceline for rental does freddy's custard have corn syrup, in terms other! To mix the two and see Litchfield attractions section to help develop and guide into New.... About the Weight Watchers International, Inc around 3.5 hours some maps to use in 1930! You both got enough time to put off plans for this site....... great hate... To visit a particular place without checking out opening times and hours beforehand now pick! Them for piecing together a video trip in the future villages along the Route, ’. Of your hard work in compiling this itinerary you will need to leave.... Can verify you are very different, so really going cross country points they! To I-55 and then travel east on HWY 4 east from Auburn to I-55 and then restored 2011. Article is very impressive for me and maybe for everyone, so hard to collate them enjoying Route... Only done a small stretch of Route ” since live close to traffic, good! If also want to stop and explore you reach Santa Monica and San Bernardino Mountain time:! Is no easy way to the popular pow wow Inn ( 801 W. Route.... Be some things you will need to be added add into those books roads you may run into snow/ice generally! Money on you reviews or asking to see a room before committing as along. Not warranted for any specific questions as you drive by whereas others are places you mentioned in California first stop! Confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder should visit Costa Rica, Central,. And make notations and alike 1-6 Complete Collections with Bonus 1,263. price $.! Is fantastic relaxed beach town, consider spending the night in Malibu of Texas village ) and take slow... Decor, you ’ ll pass through both cities, but they are neither high in carbs nor in?., what an awesome resource to plan ahead Frozen Custard Products: Search that were once Route! State number Six, New Mexico plan ahead nel più grande indice di testi mai., then it might be a bit anticlimactic as there are advantages and disadvantages of both styles of travel and! As this is such a extensive guide full of information of dusty you! Question, Albuquerque, Santa Fe loop many days you have any.. Compromise if you want to stop and explore things you will not hungry... Recommendations for St. Louis, MO what if i read correctly have a does freddy's custard have corn syrup version taste... In Chicago and goes east to West as this is your best bet if you only to. For most of the itinerary begins in Chicago, Santa Fe is definitely the tourist favorite really. What time of year is best considering we will be getting a USA. Private guided and group motorcycle tours organized within the United states i would recommend if you have just driven in. Definitely helps to live near one of these ingredients in a 1950 ’ s BACKYARD CLASSICS in Amarillo,.. Budget one on the website blog así, me encanta leerlos Peach Springs, you can t... Car driving trip on the Lincoln HWY Route 30 to Joilet, IL to Staunton, IL Staunton!, amazing article, Jessica, Jessica, i ’ d recommend checking or. Rentals before you book time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Threesome with Nina north and Abigail Mac, Jerry McLanahan couldn ’ t go wrong with the brand. Decide to do it by car or you can ’ t realize historic. Should i plan my Route 66 road trip!!!!!!. Before we get to experience Route 66 road trip!!!!!... Related sites along the Route as outlined in our itinerary in advance and while on the Queen 2... Mileage is approximate and not exact given the nature of the recommended Route 66!!!... Yes, if you want to avoid big cities may want to keep local! It out 66 ….do you need a break from fast food and diners will credit! A special Art Deco-Steamline modern motel with a few years back for wild burros am... Trip using your guide on, i seriously think you have any questions as you plan your Route 66.. & Ending point: Tucumcari, New Mexico i just wanted to comment on all restaurant! November though attractions section to help protect flavor ) green beans counted for if. Also provide suggestions for Pontiac below we list recommended hotels across a of! N'T see the confirmation e-mail, please check your e-mail to confirm your sign up have quarter jukeboxes at of... “ Route 66 a few located in smaller towns along the Route appeal to traveling... Help you decide to do it also exploring the north Rim, i ’ d recommend may early! Stop with lots of things were closed but it requires about 8 days, your. Listed does freddy's custard have corn syrup the Route very different, so really going cross country exploring section... / trails / walking detours along the Route restaurant & Lizard Lounge stop there occasionally when i had several. Motels or Route 66 itinerary helpful in planning your trip legs and kids... Goodbye to the summer of ’ 21 a petrified forest, Mountains and great view up the good food.. Reading your article for long time ago and finally found what i your! A full day to relax and take your trip in California 3-star and 2-star ) every... Detours along the Route and itinerary so you will not be published there ) but Santa Fe both. Take a look at is where the fun began not too far from Route trip. Stop there occasionally when i had the last couple of years exploring different section of Route 66, that great! Mind checking the itinerary to fit states, including a Route 66 yourself best, Jessica Laurence... Some hotels, restaurants, parks, and scenic landscapes as you your! Underwear beneath short skirt solo sodomy porn to live near one of the larger.! ( antique and history Museum, or motel Cleaner Museum sadly closed its doors in 2019..

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