He has blessed me so much every day, alhamdulillah (example of term Wa iyyaki used for female). 3. if someone says 'masha allah' ,what would u reply ? (Not very preferable, but it's okay to use this as a reply too). Masculine- Wa Anta Aydan. ... Wa'alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah, Wa'iyyaki barakAllahu feeki! Feminine- Wa Iyyaki Masculine- Wa Iyyak Plural- Wa Iyyakum. Another reply could be Feminine- Wa Anti Aydan Masculine- Wa Anta Aydan Plural- Wa Antum Aydan They all mean, "you too". a. masha allah. Feminine- Wa Iyyaki Masculine- Wa Iyyak Plural- Wa Iyyakum. Now, even though “Wa iyyakum” is grammatically plural, the use would be acceptable for a single person. :) I am sorry, but I am not sure what you mean with your question, dear. Wa alaykum Assalam Sameeya, Wa iyyaki X 70 Since Ramadan has almost ended Insha Allah will try to write on your suggested topic after Ramadan. what means of wa iyyaki? Masculine- Wa Iyyak. That can be done in a number of ways: – to you as well. The meaning of this Arabic phrase is “and to you too”. ⚫Wa Anta FA JazakAllah khairan is said to males. (واشنطن) ,ولاية في شمال غرب الولايات المتحدة Last Update: 2018-04-14 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Drkhateeb Plural- Wa Iyyakum. This simply means and to you too. May 2, 2009 1:26 am I can relate. Reply. Truly, Allah is with us” (al-Tawba 9:40) over what He related from His Interlocutor [Musa upon him blessings and peace], saying, “Truly, with me is my Lord: He shall guide me” (al-Shu`ara’ 26:62). b. wa iyyakom / iyyaki. No, these duaas are not specific to Ramadan but since we make more duaa in Ramadan and we hope that they are all accepted, we can make these duaas from the authentic sunnah in prayer, while breaking our fast etc. c. wa alaykom. As for the sense of ‘sturdy,’ it is meant to imply strength in worship like a tough, well-sewn garment. Wa. *They are the most appropriate replies. May Allah benefit us with his du`as and not deprive us of the states he describes therein. Ameen wa iyyaki my dear! 2. if a non muslim wish u salaam, what would u reply? It was said that the waaw (‘and’) denotes a participial state by which the meaning would be, ‘We worship You seeking Your help.’, “It was also read with a kasra under the n in both words [ni`budu, nista`een],(****) which is the dialect of the Banu Tamim who put a kasra under all aorist initials except the ya‘, provided the next letter does not have a damma.”. This is the reason for the superiority of what Allah related about His Beloved [Muhammad upon him blessings and peace], saying, “Grieve not! Wa iyyakum is a common response to a person who has said Jazakallah. This type does not form a criterion for the validity of legal responsibility. Other non-canonical readings include iyaaka (without shadda of the yaa‘), hiyaaka, and iyyéka with imaala. directly. This is why congregation was made law. In any case, when someone pray for another with “ “, there’s nothing wrong in praying for the same for that person, in return. Another reply could be. The affirmation in the verse by definition addresses the One and only object of worship of every Muslim, which is not obscure to any Muslim who says the … (al-Khatib, Mu`jam al-Qiraa’aat)], [(***)  I.e. *They are the most appropriate replies. “He spends the night; but for him a night passes And another reply could be: Feminine: Jazana wa Iyyaki Masculine: Jazana Wa Iyyak Plural: Jazana Wa Iyyakum The deeper levels of the verse are too specialized but they are also available for those who are able to hear their explanation and put them into practice. Example #5: Wa Iyyak bro I’m sure you will be fine just keep at it and leave the rest in Allah SWT hands (example of term Wa iyyak used for male). “He repeated the personal pronoun as an unequivocal declaration that it is He Whose help is sought and no other. You are the servant, He is the Master. Wa iyyakum is the plural version. A much needed reminder. This would be a better reply to someone who says Jazakallah khairan than saying wa iyyakum. *They are the most appropriate replies. Remember to revisit your heart's checklist [emotion, faith, intentions, etc] occasionally in order to shorten the time it needs to wholeheartedly repent and re-connect… There is no power or strength save in Allah : Allahu Akbar Allah Is The Greatest : The one who sneezes say: Alhamdulillah If someone else sneezes and he/she says Alhamdulillah: You say the following wa `alaykum salam Allah Most High is addressed, like unto Whom there is nothing and no one. Jazakallah khair means … .. May Allah reward you with goodness reply for :JazakAllah Khairan ♥ ♥♥Wa Anthum Fa Jazakallah Khairan Wa Aafiya♣♣ A. Jazaaki Allah khayr. This is why when Allah says in the Quran. Let’s take a look: Example #1: Waiyyakum khair, i have merely stated the facts sister. *They are the most appropriate replies. Contextual translation of "wa iyyaki" into English. in the sacred law. To whom is: ‘Iyakka Nacbudu wa iyaka nastacin‘ referring? wa iyyaki sister we pray you get good grades in your exams and the translation is ” Prais to the lord, WHO when give any thing, never demands it back from the people of nation, praise to the lord WHO when give any thing to inhabitants of earth, never demands its back, this earth is not only for colours, And Praise for HIM who is clement and merciful.

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