Occupy latest lefty cause to leave African-Americans cold

I cackled when I saw this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle story headlined “Occupy movement fails to connect with blacks.” It’s about time the media figured out that so many lefty viewpoints in California don’t “connect” with the needs of minorities. The short list: touting environmental laws and excessive regulations that kill jobs while having marginal benefits; protecting (mostly white) public employees at all cost; pretending the only problem with K-12 school is insufficient funding; advocating an insane bullet train that often will be routed through minority neighborhoods because they have no clout; and preventing the expansion of Walmart, which does more to help poor families make ends meet than all the liberals in California combined.

Here’s a key passage from the Chronicle article:

The unemployment rate among blacks in California is double the rate among whites in the state. At the 285-student King Elementary, 76 percent of the students receive free or reduced-price lunches because their family income is so low. Only 25 percent of students there are performing at least proficiently in English on statewide standardized tests. Street violence is a constant threat.

What is the remedy for all these problems, according to California Dems? Raising taxes to preserve the jobs and compensation of public employees — not to provide more services.

Here’s another revealing part of the article:

Abram, who often works construction jobs, doesn’t understand how shutting down the city’s port hurts the wealthiest 1 percent in this country.

“But shutting down the port for a day, you’re just hurting all the people who work there the most,” Abram said.

“There’s no debate about what the 1 percent is all about,” said Njelela Kwamilele, the PTA president at King Elementary. “But what I disagree with are the tactics” of the Occupy movement.

She criticized the anarchist-led vandalism after several Occupy events in Oakland that has led in part to the city spending at least $1.1 million extra in police costs.

“Why don’t you stop destroying our city? …”

Good point.

No one should ever forget the saga of the Trevor law firm, which targeted mostly minority businesses with extortion-style lawsuits over minor violations of obscure state rules. Did the Democrats in the Legislature go after Trevor? Nope. They tried to protect trial lawyers’ ability to extort money. Why? Trial lawyers are more generous donors.

If this reflects social justice, social justice is garbage.