Oy vey, enough with the birther junk — just use Obama’s record

The idea that Barack Obama Jr. wasn’t born in the U.S. is so painfully stupid I barely know where to start. Here’s one obvious way to refute it: His parents’ presence at the University of Hawaii was well-documented. Arriving in 1959, his father was celebrated as the university’s first African-born student. His mom’s arrival the next year is also documented. So what did Obama’s poor graduate student mom purportedly do? Fly to Kenya or Indonesia in the summer of 1961, with or without Barack Sr., so she could have their kid in Third World conditions instead of First World Oahu? People really believe this? Really? Sheesh. I hope Thursday’s court ruling kills this moronic myth for good.

I bring this up because, after all these years, I’ve recently encountered several people who either repeat the birther baloney or raise other myths, like the idea Obama Jr. never really went to Columbia University. This is so bleeping tiresome, and wrong.

I wish the people who focus on this stuff — even if they really and truly believe it — would just shut up. At least if they really and truly don’t want him re-elected.

Obama’s record is so godawful, starting with the horror that is Obamacare and the wasted $800 billion in stimulus spending, that it is immensely counterproductive to bring up the birther stuff or the other urban myths.


1. It takes away from far more powerful arguments against Obama’s re-election — far more powerful because they are true and about real issues.

2. But mostly because the birther narrative gives credibility — oh, yes, it does — to the argument that the disdain for Obama is because of who he is, not what he’s done as president. This is a toxic perfume the GOP should shun.

It’s inevitable that a president with as exotic a background as Obama’s would raise doubts that previous presidents didn’t. But at some point, these doubts appear to reflect the “fear of the other” — especially when they’re unsubstantiated — and “fear of the other” is easily depicted as, yes, racist.

The 20 percent or whatever it is of adults who are birthers might read that last sentence and recoil — “That’s unfair!” “That’s not right!” “Slander!”

Sorry, chumps, go back and read my first graph. The 1959 arrival of Barack Obama Sr. was not just a footnote at the University of Hawaii — it was an event! The first African student! Anyone who understands this to be true and who is also a birther who believes the president’s mom left Oahu to have her kid thousands of miles away in scary hospitals for no apparent reason — well, you draw your own conclusions, but I suspect the people who believe this have either had lobotomies or should strongly consider them.

Still believe the birther dung? Please keep it to yourself. Unless, that is, you want your least favorite “noncitizen” to be elected president for a second time.


2 thoughts on “Oy vey, enough with the birther junk — just use Obama’s record

  1. The question of his birthplace is, I believe, one way for people to express their misgivings about a candidate whose background has never been revealed, due to media “journolist” acquiescence. THe real issue is not only his record, but that his background is questionable. We have no record of anything he has ever written. He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, yet he never wrote anything for that publication. This has never occurred at any law school, ever. We have no records from any of his colleges. Nobody has ever identified any of his friends or girlfriends in any time during his life. The list goes on. Something is clearly going on here, and I think that the so-called birthers are manifesting their concerns about this lack of information by focusing on the admittedly phony birth certificate issue. I will say, though, that it is true that the only birth certificate he has released under pressure from Trump was in fact a forgery. We will probably never know much about this guy’s background and philosophy until long after he leaves office.

    Editor’s note: We decided to publish this idiotic comment because it gives an opportunity to link to the Snopes website’s exhaustive Obama archive. Go there to see the truth. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/obama.asp#muslim

    It’s not true that there is no record of anything Obama has written (those two best-selling books come to mind). Nor is it true that there are no records from his time in college, or that no one remembers him at Occidental, Columbia or Harvard, or that the birth certificate he put out is a phony.

    Go to the Snopes site to check out the rumors one at a time.

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