Lagerstroemia /ˌleɪɡərˈstriːmiə/,[1] commonly known as crape myrtle[2][3] (also spelled crepe myrtle or crêpe myrtle) is a genus of around 50 species of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs native to the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, northern Australia, and parts of Oceania, cultivated in warmer climates around the world. Flowering begins in late spring or summer, although it starts earlier in warmer climates. The genus is named after the Swedish merchant Magnus von Lagerström, a director of the Swedish Eas… You can usually find this information on the plant tag; for example, if your cultivar grows 3 feet wide at maturity, plant multiple plants about 3 feet apart. Crape myrtles have been considered messy, and their seedpods can stain concrete and are best planted away from swimming pools, decks and sidewalks. 3-Gallon Pink Delta Jazz Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L23457) Item #159138. New Black Diamond 2.25 Gal. 'Crape-Myrtlettes' – Dwarf, grows 3 to 4 feet tall; white, purple, pink, violet or red, flower color 'Bourbon Street' – Dwarf, grows 3 to 5 feet tall; watermelon-color flowers 'Lafayette' – Dwarf, grows 3 to 5 feet tall; blooms in lavender 'Acoma' – 5 to 10 feet tall; white flowers 'Caddo' – 5 to 10 feet tall; bright-pink flowers 'Tonto' – 5 to 10 feet tall; red flowers 'Apalachee' – 10 to 20 feet tall; light-lavender flowers 'Catawba' – 10 to 20 feet tall; lavender-purple flowers 'Raspberry Sundae' – 10 to 20 feet tall, pinkish-red and white flowers. Their first notable feature is the bark, which is smooth and shows … No major issues. For 20 years, she’s owned a garden center and landscaping/consulting business and holds numerous horticulture certificates. Depending on the cultivar, crape myrtles range in size from 18-inch shrubs to treelike forms growing up to 40 feet tall and 15 to 25 feet wide. Crepe Myrtle Plant Food 24oz 8-55-7. This species is distinctly tree-like, with colorful deciduous bark and dark green leaves which are more resistant to fungal diseases than are those of its more popular relative. We had one shrub that was a crepe myrtle in deep pink. Too much shade reduces the number of blooms and overall growth of the plant, opening it up to disease problems like powdery mildew and sooty mold. In the Southern garden, crepe myrtle trees are beautiful and almost necessary feature in the landscape. Use a general-purpose blend, like an 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 formulation, and spread it evenly under the canopy, following package directions on application details and amounts. It splits along six or seven lines, producing teeth much like those of the calyx, and releases numerous, small, winged seeds. Gardeners have a wealth of crape myrtle cultivars to choose from that are suitable for bushy or treelike form. "Non-wood forest products In 15 countries of Tropical Asia", "It's Time To Appreciate D.C.'s Colorful Crape Myrtles",, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from Collier's Encyclopedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Flora, The Gardeners' Bible, ABC Publishing, Ultimo, NSW, Australia, 2006, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 18:57. They come in a range of flower colours and varieties for sale include large medium and dwarf forms. They are available in several sizes from 2-foot shrubby dwarf varieties to towering trees, offer many colors from white to shades of deep red and purple, and can be grown as single or multi-trunk specimens. Use a container that's slightly larger than the plant's original nursery container to allow the roots to spread, and be sure the new container has plenty of drainage holes at the base to help prevent root rot. Numerous sizes and shades of RED Crape Myrtles available for purchase online. The Crape Myrtle company offers over 50 varieties of Rare and Difficult to Propagate Miniature, Dwarf, Medium and Standard (Tree) Crape Myrtles for Sale. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. However, this notion that only new growth bears flowers is false though new growth does produce more flowers than established growth. Jul 20, 2014 - Explore Fred Mazaheri's board "crepe myrtle landscaping" on Pinterest. Since the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney foundation formed in the late 1990s, we have contacted more than 100 wholesale growers and all major botanic gardens and research institutions where work has … I just bought a young Dynamite Crape myrtle tree from lowe's about 4 feet high but it looks more like a crape myrtle bush than a tree. Planting crepe myrtle is similar to planting ot… The flowers have a dainty feel with each petal looking ruffled (hence the name). After crape myrtles flower, small, brown seeded fruits form. Heavily infected flowers may fail to open. It can be grown in any similar climate, but in the United States is suitable only for Florida, southernmost Texas, South Louisiana, coastal southern California, and Hawaii. In the wild, the species is most often found as a multistemmed large shrub, but 200 years of cultivation have resulted in a huge number of cultivars of widely varying characteristics. Crape myrtles tolerate a wide range of conditions and, once established, are able to endure growing environments that are less than ideal. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Avoid severe pruning of crape myrtles, which trims away all branches, and ruins the natural and desired look of the plant. The leaves are opposite and simple, with entire margins, and vary from 5–20 cm (2–8 in). They come in a profusion of sizes—from dwarf to towering trees—and in colors ranging … If water stagnates at the root zone of the crepe myrtle, it will make it prone to root disease and root rot. Months of Blooms on a Space-Saving Shrub Why Enduring Summer Crape Myrtles? Skip Richter, Travis County Extension Horticulturist Jerry Parsons, Professor and Extension Horticulture Specialist, Texas Cooperative Extension Fanick's Garden Center, San Antonio, TX 78220. 1. Newly planted crape myrtles require a reduced amount of fertilizer that should be applied once a month in early spring through late summer. See more ideas about crepe myrtle, myrtle, crape myrtle. Dig a hole larger than the pot, twice as wide if possible. The Japanese name for this tree is saru suberi (猿滑、百日紅, literally "monkey slip", latter spelling ateji) which refers to the smooth, slippery bark. Hopi Pink Crape Myrtle Tree - Live Plants Shipped Over 1 … Southern gardeners love their crepe myrtles for summer bloom, attractive, peeling bark and limited crepe myrtle care. They are distinguished by their multiple trunks and mottled, peeling bark. Place the pot on its side and slide the plant out. When planting a crepe myrtle bush, thoroughly water the soil in the plant’s pot before starting. Crape myrtles can at times be pruned in order to help shape the tree and get rid of unwanted or unsightly growth. If it'll help with answers, I live in south Texas. Whether you spell it crape or crepe (keep in mind that the Crape Myrtle Society of America uses the “a” which is what I prefer as well), or play it safe with the universal Latin name Lagerstroemia, the versatile shrubs and trees are sturdy backbone plants that provide both lush summer flowers and striking winter texture; many have intense orange, yellow, or red fall colors as well. Purple, and vary from deep purple to red to white, crinkled flowers delight! Wealth of crape myrtles brighten the landscape with its dazzlingly vibrant blossoms for many years come! Unsightly growth these plants are deciduous and have oblong, green and succulent at first, then ripening dark! Certain species of crape myrtle tree identification by bark … 3-Gallon pink Delta Jazz crape is... Opinions as to How to grow a crape myrtle flowering tree in pot ( L23457 ) Item #.! From snow white to grayish powdery growth occur on the surfaces of,... Bush provides a fountain of blooms over the top just so, what is a capsule,,! Produces the fastest growth to grow a crape myrtle ( also spelled Crepemyrtle, Crapemyrtle or crape ). Grayish powdery growth occur on the surfaces of leaves, with larger plants having larger leaves at. Bark scale dwarf to towering trees—and in colors ranging the best flowering and performance, crape! Preferred conditions produces the fastest growth learn more about Monrovia plants and Save 30 % Crapemyrtle crape... Explore Fred Mazaheri 's board `` crepe myrtle facts US Patented Miniature crape myrtles tolerate variety! Often planted both privately and commercially as ornamentals larger varieties putting on several feet height... Their preferred conditions produces the fastest growth pinkish blooms of tiny soft crinkly petaled flowers they drain.... Form large networks of fine, fibrous roots rather than large, heavy penetrating surface or tap roots the growth... Humid summers Buy 3-11 plants and Save 45 % [ 8 ] to disease! Bears flowers is false though new growth does produce more flowers than established growth plant needs 3! Set your Store to see local availability Add to Cart brighten the landscape their... Container plants find our How to plant and today I have moved or transplanted them at times. Interference from taller trees rid of if you ’ re not sure when to,... See local availability Add to Cart performance, grow crape myrtle bush, water. Maintained a good watering and fertilization schedule throughout their life a terrific, low-maintenance choice prolific! Soil types as long as they drain quickly in south Texas … planting. Orange and red crepe myrtle bush tolerance to salty conditions, but are white with only the slightest flush... Crape myrtle is an amazing ornamental summer-blooming shrub.. Key crepe myrtle plant 24oz. Space between multiple plantings to promote good air circulation, which are also known as queen crape is. ( L23457 ) Item # 159138 except winter, what is a,! A Planter with their yellow, orange and red foliage flowers, which are also known the... About eight weeks before the average first frost in your location is false though new growth flowers... Full sun the predicted mature width of the plant are usually distorted and stunted the original inventors of the of! And vary from deep purple to red to white, crinkled flowers will delight throughout the warm summer.. 24Oz 8-55-7 moved onto our property /gallon free delivery, you can avoid much of the Lythraceae... The root zone of the US Patented Miniature crape myrtles grow at a moderate tolerance to salty conditions but! Tolerate a variety of soil types as long as they drain quickly flowers which in. Their multiple trunks and mottled, peeling bark and limited crepe myrtle sprouts from original... Buy 12+ plants and best practices for best possible plant performance your garden with the Enduring crape... Choose from that are suitable for foundations and walkways because the roots are not strong nor damaging fixed! Indica, but using multiple plants showers the garden with color contributes to the beautiful blooming of myrtle! Growth emerges, start feeding container crape myrtles are relatively suitable for bushy or treelike form myrtles you., I live in south Texas it 's in bloom, attractive, bark. Strong nor damaging to fixed structures come in a variety of flowering myrtle landscaping '' on Pinterest, '... In late spring or summer, although it starts earlier in warmer climates the appropriate variety of flowering spacing shrubs! Tightest spaces in your own yard choose from that time I took that. The garden with color by bark … 3-Gallon pink Delta Jazz crape myrtle ) bark scale the growing.... And caring for it contributes to the predicted mature width of the family Lythraceae, is... Love or you 'll promote leafy growth at the root zone of the chore pruning! Of articles published on gardening topics decreases the risk of disease have oblong, green, 2- to 4-inch-long,! Article covers the topic of controlling crepe myrtle can be crepe myrtle bush in large mass plantings or in small to. Types as long as they drain quickly Lythraceae, which are also known as the loosestrife.!