Supply your own punchline: In tweet to me, Keith Olbermann rewrites his reality

I sincerely admire Keith Olbermann as a sportscaster and baseball columnist/seamhead. But on and off over the years, I’ve sent him notes saying I can’t understand the contrast between his thoughtful analysis of baseball and his ridiculously predictable political analysis, which routinely beatifies all those who share his lefty views and Nazifies those with whom he disagrees. I’ve also blogged about him.

He never responded. Until last night. But just with what he wrote above. No follow-up. Even after I pestered him with examples of issues he simplifies, such as the silliness of the left saying it’s social justice to shred the social safety net while largely insulating public employees from the compensation/job traumas faced by those in the private sector.

Boo!!!!! Keith Olbermann, I want a Twitter flame war with you! You’ve got time on your hands, man! Engage!


C. Reed

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