The CTA’s pending good deed: It’s going to kill the bullet train

This Chris Reed fella, writing in the L.A. Daily News, has some good news about the California High-Speed Rail Authority:

Why would the [California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers] turn on their normal allies and oppose plans for the bullet train? Because of the growing evidence that Gov. Jerry Brown thinks the only plausible way to fund the project is with the fees that heavy industries pay for the right to pollute under AB 32, the state’s landmark 2006 anti-global warming law. The state Legislative Analyst’s Office expects the fees from the “cap and trade” system to generate billions of dollars annually — perhaps as much as $14 billion by 2015.

There are plenty of legal precedents that appear to limit how the fees can be used. Since they are gathered to help fight pollution and reduce global warming, state finance officials say the fees must be spent for that purpose.

But anyone who expects this argument to inhibit the CTA and the CFT from trying to get their hands on this immense new revenue source is hopelessly naive. …. Lawmakers in Sacramento won’t get in the unions’ way. Why would they start behaving honestly and ethically now?

Read the whole column here. There is a very basic and obvious ploy that the CTA and CFT can use to grab AB 32 fees.

Good column. I could read that guy all day and never get tired of his whining.


4 thoughts on “The CTA’s pending good deed: It’s going to kill the bullet train

  1. Wow. You are an idiot. Do you realize teachers are the only occupation that has been given furloughs three years in a row. How about you? What have you done for the children? Volunteer? Sub? Or just bitch about teachers pay. I haven’t received a raise in eleven years.

    get a clue…

    • LOL. Teachers get automatic “step” raises for years on the job as well as “column” raises for meaningless grad school work. You have too gotten a raise, unless you are actually in a school district that doesn’t give raises just for accumulating years on the job.

      • Not if your district has frozen any “Yearly step pay raises,” or “Unit pay raises,” due to Budget Cuts for the next ??? years.

  2. Actually, this article was not about bashing teachers, only pointing out that the unions are not going to march in lockstep with the high speed rail project. Frankly, I wonder why it took so long for the education unions to figure this one out. Every penny spent on high speed rail is less for schools. There is no private investment in this massive money-waster, if built, the high speed rail will be paid for on the backs of taxpayers. They are already shoveling hundreds of millions from the state’s General Fund to cover the many, many consultants “studying” this pork project. That is money that should have gone to education. In fact, has been handing out lawn banners for several years with slogans like, “Here Comes High Speed Rail, There Goes Funding for Schools”.

    However, if we do want to get into salary debates, I have to say that my husband and I work in the private sector, he has not had a raise in several years, despite now doing the jobs of people who used to occupy the offices on either side of him, in addition to his own, and I have had massive cuts in pay. Why do public employees think they should be exempt from the same hardships that the economy is forcing on all of us? I hate those that demonize public employees, that is just plain wrong, but at the same time, we are all in this together, and the public sector needs to face the same issues that the private sector is dealing with. Nobody is exempt, sorry.

    Instead of beating each other up over limited pieces of the pie, let’s work together to kill high speed rail so that money can go where it needs to go, beginning with the basics like education, law enforcement,and infrastructure that is not designed to line the pockets of politically connected pork recipients.

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