Well, looky here: Someone in state media notices Dems are rigid, too

Last week, I wrote the following about the California media’s peculiar media dynamics:

So here’s the headline in this morning’s S.F. Chronicle: California GOP out of sync with most state voters. This may well be true given the party’s deep social conservatism. But have you ever seen a headline saying California Dems out of sync with most state voters? California Democrats want higher taxes, oppose pension reform and pass laws seeking to insulate public employee unions from budget pain and the economic downturn. These are not at all things the public wants, so it is not a stretch at all to envision a story headlined California Dems out of sync with most state voters. But of course what I’m getting at is this: Here’s another story that could easily be written: California media out of sync with most state voters. Reporters are rarely social conservatives, so of course the GOP seems “out of sync.” But for reasons that defy logical explanation, reporters often buy the theory that since Dems hold the majority in Sacramento, they reflect the majority’s views. Bunk.

Today, Dan Walters of the Sac Bee makes a similar point about Dems and the media.

Republicans are not the only practitioners of automatous politics. Liberal Democratic factions are just as adamant about enforcing their ideological dicta. Pity the Democratic politician who doesn’t endorse same-sex marriage, abortion rights, tax increases, animal rights or carbon reduction, to name a few of the left’s current shibboleths.

A case in point is a lengthy screed by Robert Cruickshank who writes for Calitics, a website by and for leftish activists, about Alan Lowenthal, a liberal Democratic state senator from Long Beach who’s running for Congress this year.

Cruikshank sees Lowenthal, one of the Legislature’s brainier and less robotic members, as an ideological traitor for failing to march in lock step with himself and other “progressives” about building a bullet train.

But unfortunately for Dan, he ends with a dumb mistake:

“So Lowenthal has a choice in front of him,” Cruikshank writes. “Will he side with Obama, Brown and congressional Democrats and vote to build high-speed rail in California in 2012? Or will he side with Tea Party Republicans and vote against high-speed rail?”

That sounds like radio shock jocks John and Ken threatening to put Republicans’ “heads on a pike” if they vote for tax increases.

Uh, Dan, it’s “heads on a stick,” not a pike.

But he’s sure right about Cruikshank. If a report came out tomorrow that said the bullet train would cost $1 trillion, not $98 billion, Cruikshank would still back it and rip people who disagree. He didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid. He emptied the tank.

One thought on “Well, looky here: Someone in state media notices Dems are rigid, too

  1. And when the voters don’t vote the Democratic party way, it’s a temper tantrum, an infantile display and an example of why they need to be guided and controlled by a wise press corp to show them the progressive way.

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