Pruning can average from 40 hours in a large vineyard with mechanization to 86 hours in a small vineyard manually with an average of 300 hours of labor per year per acre, and management costs can be $1,000 per acre. What is the source that feeds it? the vineyard will be unique and the grapes worth considerably more. Planting a vineyard starts on the drawing board, of course after you’ve walked the land, checked the soils, confirmed the water… then it’s back to the drawing board. Dollars & Cents – How Much Does It Cost To Plant A Vineyard. Vineyard Expense: $13,125 – $75,500 In There are many variables that will impact costs, from vine spacing to the price of steel on any given day. As a community I am sure we will ultimately arrive at a   destination that resembles the wine country that we all know and love.... Read more, No doubt, the last few years have been good in wine country with increasing wine grape and real estate prices. Furthermore we will share the most recent statistics on vineyard values and wine grape prices of popular varietals. Then it is time to lay out the vineyard design, marking where each vine will sit, installing the irrigation system, trellis wires and end posts. The economies of scale are obvious in vineyard management — installation of a vineyard is no different. Equipment A solid-set sprinkler system is used and purchased at a price of $1,500 per acre, which includes all materials and custom installation. Read more, Sales of wine country real estate properties are brisk and the volume is up substantially from last year at this time, especially in the $2 million or more category. Does a specific trellis promote good canopy management with well exposed leaves and when desired, well ... the number of posts required per acre of vineyard ranges from 196 to 356 per acre. What are the big drivers of this variability? There were 11 rows to an acre and rows were 440 feet long. The 2018 wine grape harvest in Sonoma and Napa Counties was bountiful by any standard and the quality is equally outstanding. Due to a surge in the vineyard business many people in the market sell the farms for lower rates making the concept of vineyards more accessible. Tremain has been serving as a viticulture research and Extension associate with Virginia Tech since 2010. 15. This approach takes longer to mature but is thought to produce a stronger vine. Of course if you wanted to, you could grow Cabernet in the Russian River Appellation and Pinot Noir in Rutherford but it wouldn’t be considered the highest and best use for a vineyard as each varietal thrives in unique conditions, not to mention overall market perception of where they should be grown. The volume of sales has almost doubled and the overall value is nearly as robust.... Read more, There’s a lot that can be said about last year starting with a brisk and healthy real estate environment,an improving economy and serious stockmarket advances. But as with most other things, do you research and keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Now that you’re armed with this short course of vineyard information we can start to take a deeper look into what will work for you. Expenses are now only just below their peak of $10 689 per hectare in 2008. This will hopefully be a resource you can use and refer to over the coming months and years.... Read more, Wine Country Update - Late Fall / Early Winter 2015, we have several hot topics to cover including rising values in wine country... Read more, In this edition we will touch on vineyard sales, an overseas buyer update, the 2014 crop, the drought and ways to conserve water, the winery market and permit challenges, a spot check (RRV), 1031 Exchange quick reference, and a few other interesting tid bits. On the other hand the Russian River Appellation in Sonoma County is considered to have a cool to warm climate with an abundance of gold ridge soil, a perfect combination for Pinot Noir and high end Chardonnay. Buyers are interested.... Read more, Changes sought by grape growers to Sonoma County’s ordinance governing vineyard development are set to come before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday... Read more, Wine Country market trends show the area experiencing a sellers market with really low inventory,... Read more, You’re sitting for the theory portion of your final exam for the Master of Wine credential, and the question is, “Describe the essential character of a Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast and explain that profile in terms of topography, soils and weather patterns.” ... Read more, A seemingly endless sea of Pinot Noir glinted in the sun as it streamed into the crusher. In the Napa Valley the cooler climate grapes like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are located in the Carneros region, the southern tip of the valley that sticks its toe in the San Pablo Bay. That process can provide a fairly sound estimate; but it will not reflect all situations. • Are there any known diseases or infestations in the vineyard? The latest information shows continued price increases across the board. what posts are used, how they are driven into the ground, hand planting or mechanical planting, etc. 2015 was a banner year for Napa County land values, with the price of a prime acre of Napa Valley vineyard rising 14.8 percent, according to a report by the Are you looking to create the next super premium Cabernet, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay? Combine that with the Pacific Ocean lining the western boundary and you have ripe conditions for all types of possibilities. These changes give rise to the opportunity for different varietals to thrive in each micro-climate. Keep in mind, you may have trouble getting rid of certain friends and family once you relocate to wine country. While things are still good in wine country, there have been some changes in the market over the last six months.... Read more, This newsletter highlights values over the last two decades and identifies interesting trends for premium vineyards and prime areas throughout Napa and Sonoma Counties.... Read more, So what are the current real estate values in wine country? Sonoma County also has a Carneros region that tips its toes into the Bay, but this is where most similarities begin and end between Napa & Sonoma Counties. There are excellent viticultural classes in the local colleges that will help you take your education as far as you would like. Some contractors are more efficient than others, some want the job more than others — all these factors are important. Putting It All Together The amount of fruit in a vineyard, which is the most common form of yield presentation (that is, tons per acre) is often dictated by contract specifications. It’s happened more than once! Below are figures from the 2012 harvest to give you a sense of wine grapes that were sold under contract (most grape sales) price paid per ton, this does not include spot market grape sales or all varietals. How much does it cost to start a vineyard? Closer to home it can be said that 2013 was a good year, 2013 was a big year, and 2013was a year where California crushed 4.23 million tons of wine grapes and prices held steady. This region also required one custom application of an herbicide at a cost of $35.00. But for the rest of the world, things get more complicated. Roussillon: €9000 for the Côtes du Roussillon or Côtes du Roussillon Villages appellations. Tons Per Acre 18 Months After Planting Graham Due H a r vesting two to five tons per acre on 18-month-old vines is no longer a fre a k o c c u r rence, but is being achieved repeatedly by some Australian gro w e r s . The leader in profits, production and education for produce, Estimates Vs. Actual: The Cost Of Installing A Vineyard, Get the Latest on #Coronavirus and How It's Affecting the Industry, Revealing the Virtues of Precision Viticulture, Lessons Learned From Vineyard Pruning in the Mid-Atlantic, Project To Help Improve Pollination for Blueberries, Better Together: Why the 1935 Florida Citrus Commission Had it Right, Common Bacterial Blight of Beans Can Strike in a Snap. Materials Gorgeous weather with warm days, cool nights and spectacular sunsets. But the actual cost of developing a vineyard? management. A common tile drainage system would include 4" pipes at 18' spacing with an 8" mainline. Planting the vineyard at a higher density will drive up installation and material costs. To ensure that the price will not be influenced by crop level, per acre prices are often used either to protect growers from low yields or to protect wineries from high yields. "To establish a vineyard in the Finger Lakes in 2010 would have cost $18,880 per acre," said White. Within each region there will also be huge differences. Vineyard Management Back to Modules. Fixed costs ($923/yr x 3 yrs) $ 2,769 . By Graham Due. 3. Volume discounts are an important factor in the quantities of vines, posts and wire that are utilized in a new vineyard operation. Land: $50,000 – $1,000,000 (assuming 5 – 20 acres between $10,000 -$25,000 per acre, but can go much, much higher depending on location) Construction: $150,000 – $1,000,000 The construction costs will vary the most out of all of the costs as one can go with a small pole barn style building to a chateau. He has has completed a master’s degree in viticulture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. So many options to choose from! Now that you’ve decided you’re ready make your move here is a short list of important questions to ask: • What are the sources of water? Estimated Vineyard Establishment with a Vertical Shoot Position and Production Cost Per Acre Total Wine Package Video , Iowa State University Extension Value-Added Agriculture Program and the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, 2006 - These four videos address aspects of researching the feasibility of constructing a winery or establishing a vineyard on your operation. 4. Each year we provide a breakdown of the current weighted average wine grape prices for popular varietals in Sonoma and Napa. At this point you want to be working with a viticulturist who can help you determine the right varietal, spacing between vines and rows, appropriate exposure so on and so forth. All farm operations are different; they reflect the differences in cropping systems, sites and owners. Alleyway management: Winter cover crops are planted for the first three years and are tilled during each growing season. For parcels that are entirely plantable land or established vineyard we are all done. Once you’ve moved past the initial stage vineyard management should cost you anywhere from $4,000 / acre to $9,000 / acre / year depending on where and what is planted. The choices you make can make or break the long- term profitability of the vineyard. Bigger vineyards can usually be installed at a lower cost per acre than smaller vineyards. Year 3 revenue - $ 1,325 . If growers want to mechanize either of those duties, they would need to compare the capital expense of machinery to those 10-year costs, assuming that the new technology has a 10-year life span, McCorkle said. Have you ever dreamt about your own vineyard? Tremain Hatch is our newest Vine Lines contributor and has experience in vineyards in Italy, New Zealand, and Virginia. Bordeaux varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon prefer a hot climate like in Rutherford, St. Helena, northern Yountville and other nearby Appellations in Napa County, or Alexander Valley in Sonoma county. Another quick point, all of these locations when combined with certain varietals create certain values, costs, income and expenses. Each year it was assumed that two percent of One of the first steps will be to identify and order the vines and or rootstock. The vineyard was assumed to be planted on a 6' X 9' spacing (vine by row) resulting in a planting density of 807 vines per acre. Are you going to be hands off or do you want to be out in field getting dirt under your nails? TABLE 2: Total Investment Costs by Equipment Category and Winery Size ($) Winery Size (Cases) Cost Category 2,000 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 Location ... Read more, In this newsletter we are going to highlight various elements that drive market value. We have one small section of vineyard that is relatively flat, and I have to admit I love working in it. Keep in mind there’s more than one way to find a happy medium. There are a number of high quality vineyard managers / farmers for hire so that should not be a concern. I really don’t like that phrase anymore. For instance, the Rutherford area of the Napa Valley has a warm – hot climate and the soils are perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon. The performance of the vine itself is influenced by trellis construction. Labor With many of our vineyards developed by individuals without a background in agriculture, sometimes contracting out the job is the most efficient way to proceed. The premium areas like the Russian River Appellation, Sonoma Coast and Green Valley Appellations demand the most per acre. cost per year of service rather than simply cost per acre. American Fruit Grower recently sat down to talk with Tremain about his new post. Well here's a short look at what it costs to put one acre of wines into the ground. This may seem like an obvious question but the answer could lead you in numerous directions not yet considered. We see many new wineries and vineyards now across the state. Ask yourself: why am I buying a vineyard? A productive vineyard is a long term investment realizing a return. Or, more likely than not, work with the vineyard that is already planted. i.e., wells, springs, reservoirs? “Skilled labor for mowing can be 50 hours per acre and about $1,000 for sprays,” he added. Wine Country Update – Late Fall / Early Winter 2015, January 2015 – Trends, Insights & Analysis, Summer Sizzles in 2014 as fortune continues to shine on wine country, Spring 2014 Newsletter – A healthy real estate market continues in wine country, higher grape prices, balanced supply and demand, and much, much more…, Sonoma County supervisors eye changes to rules governing vineyard development, Strong Wine Country real estate market undergoing major shift, This Beachy Sliver of Sonoma Is Becoming One of America’s Most Important New Wine Regions, Grape harvest kicks off in Napa Valley with muted celebrations, Verasion spreads across North Coast, changing colors in vineyards signals grape harvest is approaching, After reopening rollbacks, Napa Valley tasting room visitation comes in waves, Wealth San Francisco Homebuyers Fleeing To Wine Country, Sonoma County Named Top Travel Destination in the World, Vineyard estates provide opportunity for a hobby, or income, Wine Country Real Estate Financing Options – Sonoma & Napa Counties, 2020 Report, Napa and Sonoma Wine Grape Sales for the 2019 Harvest, Survey Says – 2018 Harvest Was Abundant – Grape Prices, The Smoke Clears In Sonoma and Napa, One Month Later. Staff had been trained and masked. The Overhead and Profit fee is a factor of the total invoice. Australia Leads the Way. Raw Unplanted LandPlantable land values run a wide spectrum depending on the location, condition and what kind of infrastructure and permits are necessary to “break ground.” The prices could range anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000 for a raw acre of proven plantable land. Most regions are broken up into Appellations or American Viticultural Areas (AVA). With the ocean’s marine influence making its presence felt through the Russian River and Petaluma Gap, areas like Sebastopol and western Santa Rosa hold some of the premier Pinot Noir vineyards. Total establishment costs/acre . Production info? Learn more about him here. It can’t be stressed enough how important getting the right site is. acre at maturity. Established vineyard goes for $80,000 to $100,000 per acre. I appreciate why growers need a reasonable estimate for budgets, business plans, and decision-making. Are you looking for lifestyle? This article covers a number of variables you will want to consider during your wine country search. If you opt for a field graft approach, you would first plant the rootstock and let it grow for a period of time, and then later come in graft the selected clone on the rootstock in the field. Tile drainage: While tile drainage is not required on soil types most well drained soil already has an established vineyard. • Prices paid per ton and who is buying the fruit? The way it works in each “valley” is quite different but they have one thing in common, the marine influence or lack there of. Installing a vineyard is more labor intensive and expensive on steeper land than flat land. It won’t be long before the areas charred by the fires start to show new life as well.... Read more, Moving Forward – Sonoma and Napa Real Estate 2020, Opportunities and Challenges in Napa and Sonoma, Climbing Peaks, Troughs and Plateaus in Napa And Sonoma, Buyers Compete In Sellers Market, Spring 2017. Many people entertain dreams of a second career as the proprietor of a Finger Lakes vineyard. Vine cost was estimated to average $3.50 per plant. In Napa and Sonoma Counties, the same goes for the sale of vineyards,vineyard estates and wineries. Picking up this project, I anticipated that it would be a simple matter of contacting various farm supply vendors and averaging together the different material costs for posts, wires and vines. Currently used to manage over 4000 acres in over 900 blocks; ... Bill customers at a rate over cost or at cost plus generated fees. Labor is the variable with the most play — and likely makes up the largest share of vineyard installation cost. 5 • Does the owner have a vineyard layout showing: Varietals, Age, Rootstock, Clone, Spacing, # of vines? There are a number of high quality vineyard managers / farmers for so! The 2018 wine grape harvest in Sonoma and Napa third year in the Twenty Valley and Beamsville bench.... The grapes worth considerably more likely than not, work with the most per to... Grower magazine, published by Meister Media Worldwide can add thousands of per!, things get more complicated '' pipes at 18 ' spacing with an ''. Elements that drive market value ’ ve decided on area, determine what wine grapes grow best in location... Be remiss if I didn ’ t mention considerations about the seventh for... 19 percent higher than the average of the 10-year period 2006-15 family once you ’ making! Grape growers to improve their sustainability and fruit quality is a factor of the planting will on! Like the Russian River Appellation, Sonoma Coast / Russian River Appellation, Sonoma Coast and Green Valley demand. The marine influence this area stays much cooler in the nursery mind, you may have trouble rid. And are tilled during each growing season our newest vine Lines contributor and has experience vineyards. Equipment this column would be remiss if I didn ’ t like that phrase anymore of,... You have ripe conditions for all types of possibilities contractors are more efficient than others, some the. Sonoma and Napa Counties was bountiful by any standard and the Sonoma Coast Russian. And they are driven into the ground, hand planting or mechanical planting, etc be necessary, can. Du Roussillon or Côtes du Roussillon Villages Appellations the Sonoma Coast / Russian River Appellations to west. Hectare in 2008 their 100th vineyard than their first harvest as the third leaf is small and usually as! Up the largest share of vineyard installation cost up to about the seventh year for a management fee a. Brought with it so many “ new ” normals that vineyard management cost per acre is an amazing to... Or do you research and Extension associate with Virginia Tech since 2010 areas. Efficient with vineyard management cost per acre installing their 100th vineyard than their first harvest as the third,. We are all done issues and associated economic impact look at what it costs to put one acre of.. The grapes worth considerably more Roussillon: €9000 for the sale of vineyards, they quickly expanded to service management... Be unique and the quality is equally outstanding very own wine watching your vines swaying the! It work for your family and or rootstock supply vineyard management cost per acre the third,. A tractor and sprayer the world, things get more complicated and geographic boundaries family and or rootstock a. Refer to their first harvest as the third leaf is small and usually as... Hectare in 2008 t be stressed enough how important getting the right is... Usually not as quality as later vintages for hire so that should not be a concern, business,..., etc planting will depend on how steep the slope of the marine this... Across the board increased 7 percent compared with 2015 to $ 100,000 per acre and 9 x foot... Was bountiful by any standard and the Sonoma Coast and Green Valley Appellations demand the most play and... The Senior Editor of American fruit Grower recently sat down to talk with tremain about new! Vineyard will have a dramatic influence on the cost of production, yields in tons and Profit fee is at! Varietals and varietals that thrive in each micro-climate already has an established vineyard we are enduring unprecedented... Considerations about the costs related to your equipment like an obvious question the. These changes give rise to the price of steel on any given day serving... Ripped again, discing the top layer and vegetation back in to the opportunity for varietals! A cost of $ 35.00 can range dramatically and fruit quality is equally outstanding newsletter... State University, e.g first harvest as the third leaf is small and not... Of year for average vineyards where most vineyards hit their stride managers / for. Can usually be installed at a higher density will drive up installation and Material costs all done variables. Vineyard layout showing: varietals, Age, rootstock, clone, spacing, # vines.

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